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SonicWALL is a recognized leader in comprehensive information security solutions. SonicWALL solutions integrate dynamically intelligent services, software and hardware that engineer the risk, cost and complexity out of running a high performance business network. For nearly 20 years SonicWALL solutions and service providers have given millions of business users the competitive edge of deep protection with uncompromised performance. SonicWALL solutions are successfully deployed across small, medium and distributed enterprise environments around the world, including government, healthcare and retail point-of-sale installations.

Featured Products

SonicWALL TZ Series TZ Series
The SonicWALL TZ Series is the ultimate security platform for small and distributed networks, providing a choice between absolute ease-of-use for basic networks and unsurpassed flexibility for networks with more complex needs.
Global Management System (GMS)  

Global Management System (GMS)
SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) provides organizations, distributed enterprises and service providers with a flexible, powerful and intuitive tool to centrally manage and rapidly deploy SonicWALL appliances and security-policy configurations. Organizations can globally manage and collect detailed information from security applications such as gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and content filtering, all from a single console. SonicWALL GMS enables organizations to reduce staffing requirements, speed up deployment and lower costs.

  • Simplifies configuration and enforcement of global security and VPN policies
  • Offers centralized reporting and monitoring of security appliances and user activity
  • Scales to support growing deployments
Pro-series   Pro Series
Organizations of all sizes rely on their networked infrastructure as the primary means of communication and productivity. These networks are under constant attack from a continually evolving array of threats that affect performance, communications and reliability. Securing data from external as well as internal threats across distributed architectures is challenging. Point products can provide additional layers of security but are costly, difficult to manage and ineffective against multi-pronged attacks and network-resource misuse.
SonicWALL TotalSecure   TotalSecure
SonicWALL TotalSecure provides complete network security against threats such as viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans. Delivering comprehensive protection in an easy-to-use, affordable solution, TotalSecure is constantly updated with signatures that protect your network from the latest threats. The TotalSecure bundle includes a powerful hardware firewall, a one-year subscription to Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention Service and Content Filtering Service; firmware updates and 8x5 support, for all-in-one network protection.
SonicWALL Secure Distributed Wireless Solution   Wireless Solution Enablers
The SonicWALL Secure Distributed Wireless Solution integrates 802.11a/b/g wireless management and security enforcement into an enterprise-class firewall/VPN appliance. It scales to fit virtually any network deployment by simply distributing SonicPoints™ at optimal locations throughout the building. Available in IEEE 802.11a/b/g and 802.11b/g options, SonicPoints are dependent access points that are utilized to provide seamless, secure wireless LAN (WLAN) connectivity as well as advanced features and services. The solution is built around the SonicWALL award-winning TZ, PRO and NSA Series network security appliances, which function as secure wireless switches and controllers, automatically detecting and configuring SonicPoints as they are added to the network while simultaneously enforcing security policies on all wired and wireless traffic.
Continuous Data Protection   Continuous Data Protection
The SonicWALL CDP Offsite Data Backup Service is an offsite backup and recovery solution that stores data in a secure data center and enables organizations to be up and running quickly after a disaster event. The service is completely secure: all data is securely transmitted and encrypted with an AES 256-bit encryption key. The SonicWALL Offsite Data Backup Service automatically receives mission-critical data from CDP Series appliances and stores the latest version. IT Administrators can easily recover the data through a simple web-based interface in the event that the CDP unit at the local site is not viable.
Security Applications/Services   Security Applications/Services
Malicious attacks can penetrate stateful packet inspection firewalls. Securing today’s networks demands unified threat management (UTM). SonicWALL's family of network-security appliances combines robust UTM security services with high-speed deep-packet inspection to provide small, midsize and enterprise-class organizations the best protection possible. SonicWALL TZ, PRO, NSA and E-Class NSA appliances are engineered to reduce cost, risk and complexity by integrating automated and dynamic security capabilities for comprehensive protection and maximum performance.
E-mail Security   Email Security
Available as an appliance or as Windows® software, SonicWALL® Email Security provides powerful protection in one simple solution that dramatically reduces the time and expense involved in e-mail security. SonicWALL Email Security offers the highest possible level of protection from all inbound and outbound e-mail threats by leveraging our global end-to-end attack monitoring network. Taking under an hour to install and less than 10 minutes of administration a week, SonicWALL Email Security is the easiest, yet most effective, solution available.
SonicWALL Secure Remote Access Solutions   SonicWALL Secure Remote Access Solutions
The traditional corporate LAN is evolving into a distributed global network that connects employees, partners and customers over multiple Internet, intranet, extranet and VoIP channels. The modern mobile workforce demands more solutions for secure access to more resources from more remote devices and platforms than ever before. SonicWALL provides scalable SecureRemote Access solutions to fit every organization—from small and midsize businesses to large global enterprises. SonicWALL Aventail E-Class SSL VPNs and SonicWALL SSL VPNs deliver flexible solutions for secure remote access, disaster recovery, wireless networking and secure extranets.
SonicWALL Content Security Manager   SonicWALL Content Security Manager
The SonicWALL Content Security Manager (CSM) Series is an appliance-based Internet-threat-protection solution that integrates real-time gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and advanced content filtering to deliver maximum network protection from today’s sophisticated Web-based threats. Combining dynamic threat-management capabilities with precise control over Internet usage in an affordable, appliance-based solution, the CSM appliance boosts network security and employee productivity, optimizes network utilization and mitigates legal liabilities. This unique solution integrates seamlessly into virtually any network topology for powerful, scalable and cost-effective threat protection.