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Data Backup

Despite their best efforts, companies lose valuable data every day, costing them considerable time and money. Often impossible to recover, lost data significantly impacts a company's ability to function successfully.

Traditionally a daunting task, data backup is no longer a complicated, labor-intensive process. At Computer 1, we'll provide you with a secure, reliable and simple way to secure your data automatically.

Why You Need to Back Up Your Data

Data loss can occur in a single file, in fragments on a hard drive, or as a total loss of everything on your system or network. By employing one of our reliable backup solutions, you'll be able to:
  • Recover quickly from hardware failure, security attacks and natural disasters
  • Mitigate any electronic information-related risks
  • Comply with regulatory data storage and backup requirements
  • Rest assured that your information is easily retrievable
  • Eliminate the task of manually backing up data yourself by using an efficient automated solution
Some of the solutions we offer include:
  • Automatic Network Backup
    Your data will be duplicated and archived automatically to external storage media.
  • One-time Backup Service
    For home and business accounts, this service is ideal for data backup during system migrations. Ensure that your information is secure when moving data from an old computer to a new system.Mitigate any electronic information-related risks
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