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Healthcare Market

Whether your organization is a doctor's office, hospital or pharmacy, you'll need a way to address evolving technology demands. Let us help you plan, implement and manage your network infrastructure to maximize business efficiency and data accuracy.

We provide the security, storage and wireless solutions you need for the healthcare-related categories below:

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that healthcare providers secure their electronic patient data and protect patient privacy. This not only applies to information protection, but to its storage and handling as well.
Healthcare organizations of all sizes continue to update and implement systems that ensure patient privacy. This requires appropriate security, networking, wireless and storage solutions that work together seamlessly.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Legislation requiring electronic medical records in lieu of paper files has made EMR systems a necessity for your organization. Electronic records are more easily accessible, more accurate and more efficient than traditional documentation. Plus EMR simplifies data management by centralizing information in one place.


Wireless technologies enable doctors to access and update medical information instantly. Past medical records, test results and prescriptions can be referenced during the patient visit quickly, saving time for the doctor and patient. Plus, with legible information all in one place, errors are reduced.

Electronic Prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) reduce errors and improve efficiency for patients and healthcare providers. Implementing a secure, reliable wireless network enables doctors to send prescriptions to pharmacies easily and quickly.

Electronic Imaging

Large files such as X-rays require abundant storage space and secure handling. As part of your healthcare technology requirements, we'll provide the ideal storage solution to handle the large files you send, receive and archive.

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