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Wireless Networking

The increased use of laptop computers and the requirement of worker mobility in an enterprise has fuelled the demand for wireless networks. Up until recently, wireless technology was a patchwork of incompatible systems from a variety of vendors.

The technology was slow, expensive and reserved for mobile situations or hostile environments where cabling was impractical or impossible. With the help of our certified wireless network specialists, Computer 1 can help cut your strings and give you the freedom of having a wireless network.

We design, implement and support offerings that include:

Wireless networking:
Supports and provides the highest levels of availability and throughput for voice, data and all aspects of multimedia.

Wireless connectivity:
Desktop and notebook and handheld devices

Secure connectivity:
In public hotspots, offices, government facilities, remote sites and home offices

Key Benefits:

  • Uninterrupted connectivity and greater productivity:
    For your employees and clients who are on-the-go
  • Protected access:
    Through wireless encryption
  • Secure connections:
    Between your corporate, remote networks and wireless telephony devices
  • Solutions designed at all scales:
    To meet the budgets and needs of businesses of all sizes